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For the sake of the environment

Environmental protection is a top priority at Albus

Environment & sustainability

Environmental protection is very important to us. For this reason, we have been relying increasingly on environmentally friendly, sustainable buses for several years, which are predominantly equipped with Euro 6 engines. The biogas used for operation is considered CO2 neutral, making it very environmentally friendly. Compared to conventional diesel fuels, we save a significant amount of CO2, which benefits the environment.

Around 60 percent of our scheduled buses in Salzburg city are already in compliance with sustainable standards, and we are working hard to replace the remaining buses with modern biogas engines.

Sustainable travel with Albus coaches

By upgrading to state-of-the-art technology, we at Albus have been able to reduce CO2 emissions from our buses drastically.

Did you know that Albus coaches generate 6 times less CO2 than planes? And 4 times less than cars? And did you realize that a coach with 50 seats saves around 25 cars on the streets, assuming 2 persons per car. These figures ​​alone show how effectively you can contribute to environmental protection by choosing the bus.

We look forward to supporting sustainable travel and the protection of our environment together with you!